Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is a concept rooted in various spiritual and healing practices. While the terminology and methods can vary, the general idea is to release or remove negative or stagnant energy from a person, space, or object, promoting a sense of balance, harmony, and well-being. Everything in the Multiverse is energy which vibrates on a different frequency including ourselves and the Law of Attraction states that likes attract likes. Depending on our state or so called frequency of being in every given moment we attract certain types of energies and experiences to ourselves which could be either beneficial or harmful.

Those negative energies or entities could latch on to our auric field and chakras and cause havoc and disturbance. They can drain our energy, distort our thoughts and emotions or even control our behaviour and sometimes change our physical appearance. Their influence creates imbalance in the energy flow of the body, mind and spirit of the person affected and can cause illnesses and various issues. The aim of Energy Clearing is to remove those unwanted energies so the person can come back to their true self and fulfil their utmost potential.

The process of energy clearing sometimes involves cord cutting. This is a practice which helps severe energetic cords that have been created between the client and another person from their past or present in order to liberate them and dissolve the energetic connection. This connection might no longer be desired or beneficial.

How does it work?

After careful scanning of the auric field of the person present I might detect some such invading entities which I then clear away using my strong intention in combination with visualisation, the sound of my voice and smudging with sage or Palo Santo. I sometimes also talk with the entities and facilitate a conversation between them and the host in order to find out the deeper reason for their presence. This results in them understanding the fact they are invading someone else’s body and willingly moving into the Light Realms where they are reunited with soulmates, Spirit Guides and loved ones. In the case of and Earth energies I send them to the Earth Realms where they belong.

What are the different types of invading entities?

Not all energies that could be attached to a person, object or a physical space are the same. I have found the following most common types which I’m listing below: