Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression involves going back to earlier lifetimes under hypnosis to retrieve memories, patterns and events that may still negatively influence your life today. It can be a transformative and and insightful process, the knowledge gained can help overcome obstacles, phobias, fears and bad habits. It can also resolve painful relationship issues. PLR can be used to access positive attributes from previous incarnations and integrate them into your life as resources for the future.

Life Between Lives Regression

LBL Regression is both an extension and evolution beyond PLR. It enables you to enter memories of the ‘in-between-lives’ realm where we reside in spirit form when we are no incarnated.
We follow the journey following on from your last life, meeting guides and soul group members along the way. Discovering what you learnt from your previous life and what you may still be working on.
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know about your purpose in life or how the choices were made about the life to come and the circumstances you would be born into? What qualities you’ve brought with you to support and challenge you along the way? All these questions and more are usually answered.
An LBL experience is empowering and enriching, helping you to experience your own immortality.
Visiting the spiritual realms in your LBL session brings a new and wider perspective on both life and death along with an inner understanding and peace.

Spirit Release

Spirit Release encompasses topics such as spirit attachment, negative intrusive energies, soul rescue and soul retrieval.
Spirit attachment and negative energy can affect both people and places such as homes. Once these energies are removed and moved on to their rightful place, the person’s energy field is cleansed and rebalanced energetically, rectifying any damage caused to their energy body.
Upon completion, clients generally feel a notable difference in themselves. Advice is also given as to how to prevent this happening in the future. Many issues result from negative energy, negative thought forms from others or simply from the geography of a place itself. It’s important to know we can all be affected and cleared of these external energies and the culprit isn’t always an earthbound spirit although it may feel that way.


Hypnotherapy involves using your own ability to access the subconscious mind to safely bring about the changes you require in your life.
It happens automatically when someone becomes deeply relaxed or highly focused. In every day life it happens when a person daydreams, while driving, reading a book or watching a movie. In Past Life Regression I use it as a tool to help you tap into your past life memories.